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Our Supperclub

K’iin Supper Club, named after the Mayan word for 'Sun' and phonetically similar to 'keen', encourages guests to be adventurous and try new things. With an intimate, candlelit ambience, Chef Jon Colin pays homage to his roots by presenting a seasonal, Mexican-inspired menu with a contemporary twist, celebrating the diversity of Mexican cuisine using locally sourced ingredients. Located in Dubai’s historic Old Town-Downtown district, the 12-seat underground dining experience follows a chef’s table format. Guests share a communal table with other like-minded individuals near an open kitchen, fostering connections through food and conversations. All of this takes place under the majestic shadow of Dubai’s landmark, the Burj Khalifa.

Are you K’iin to come?



Jon Colin

After years of working in renowned culinary destinations worldwide, including the USA, Abu Dhabi, London, Hong Kong, and now Dubai, in kitchens such as Zuma and LPM, Chef Jon Colin decides to embark on a new venture and opens K’iin Supper Club.

His cuisine primarily focuses on using Japanese and French techniques to create Mexican dishes with locally sourced and seasonally available ingredients.

As part of the storytelling behind each dish, Jon Colin enjoys sharing his dedication to working closely with Mexican artisans, homegrown artist, and local producers, aiming to showcase their work.

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